Sliced Bread Inc.

We make the best things.

Sliced Bread is a web creation company made up of three guys living all over Canada. We come up with simple solutions that solve real problems and we have fun while doing it.

Look what's cooking in our oven…

Renting Well

Renting Well is a beautifully-designed, secure, web-based application that simplifies managing an income property for Canadian landlords and property managers. We want to make being a landlord and property owner a whole lot easier.

Ripped Wax

Ripped Wax is Standard Vinyl's sister company, handling the digital downloads included with our vinyl record orders. Cards inserted in each record with a unique download code are used to grab the digital version of the album from the Ripped Wax site.

Hello Referrals

Hello Referrals — a web application we launched in early 2011 and have subsequently sold to a competitor — lets you send and manage your referrals so that you and your network get the most of referral marketing.